Blockchain for cyber security – Pros & Cons

Cyber security is now a critical topic in this fast-paced digitalized world. The digital presence of a business is not a luxury anymore. This mandatory digital space of business is continuously being violated and exploited by hackers through digital mediums. Therefore cyber security measures are in place to protect businesses…
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Why low fidelity prototype really matters

Low fidelity prototype might not be a hit that draws the attention of everyone in the software development industry. That is exactly the reason why we wanted to address the significance of prototyping in the sense of low fidelity because it REALLY MATTERS!  Let’s begin with prototyping. What does it…
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Ways to Improve Software Testing

Software testing has significant importance in the software development process. That is the main reason why agile testing has become so popular during very little time. A quality of a product has to do a lot with its testing methodology. Compressing software testing to one particular stage of the development…
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