The Archnix way prizes quality above all else

The Archnix Way

Since 2020, Archnix award-winning process, people and projects have empowered clients to grow beyond their expectations.

Our ISO certified process enables us to audit and analyse data across an entire organisation or ecosystem to underpin any research and pave the way for the future. Archnix team is committed to creating innovative and effective digital solutions that provide genuine long-term value to our clients and their customers.

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Working with you

We’re here to make change happen, with a culture and ethos designed to enhance your team. We work alongside you, with the experience, process and tools to deliver above and beyond. Our promise? To be:

CLIENT FIRSTClient-first

Our commitment to client collaboration is underpinned by a strong process. We put you first, with a single point of contact and a production team that embeds into yours.


Say goodbye to secretive working. With us, you’ll always know where things stand. Digital collaboration tools, budget reports and daily standups show you the status of each task at any time.


Let’s cut your email – we prefer to chat. It simplifies lines of communication and reduces back-and-forth. And you’ll get long-term support for ticketing, too.
Our Process

ProcessFrom your idea until launch and beyond
- the process in action

Archnix uses Agile and Lean, and we can help you shift to them, too.
Agile’s controlled timeframe and budget, but flexible scope, lets you adapt as your project evolves.
That means your team can deliver tangible results, fast.

Idea, Concept, and Strategy


Quality Assuarance

Support & maintenance



Quality Assuarance


UI/UX Design




Idea, Concept, and Strategy

This is where we initially meet up online or physically, sit together to discuss your business and its needs and challenges. Then we brainstorm ideas to see what you want, what you would fit in, or what can solve your problem. This may sound pretty serious as you know how serious your problem is but believe us this is very much a casual, friendly, and creative discussion with quite some fun! When you’re completely happy with the ideation, we’ll move on to creating a fresh concept for you.

We are clearly going to address your business, its expectations or existing issues, and the solutions or the creative business ideas that we came up with and agreed upon together to proceed to remedy or to improve your business and ultimately what you’re going to achieve through it. After all, the strategy – How we are going to achieve the expected results as a trustworthy software solution partner. You’ll get to see our action plan, timeline, and each milestone of the project till the launch.


UI/UX Design

Software should own its unique identity. Its “look and feel” is what matters the most and that’s why we determine user experience and interface by extended market research to understand all the possible detail that can be served to your client base. We begin to add colours and shapes with the right touch of creativity here.

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This is where the real work begins. Now, your concept will be turned into a tangible form of product, But remember this is just the beginning – Not the final output. Under the prototyping phase, we create a sample model of your product from paper to digital which simulates the final product to you and manipulates the development process. In this stage, you are completely free to make any changes. But with us being a flexible software company, we’re ready to listen to your changes at any point. As we practice Agile, we continue to prototype from here onwards in each and every stage of the project, and in all the “requirement” changes.



Here we begin the coding. Depending on your project requirement, we’ll be picking up on effective tools and frameworks to proceed with the development to ensure quality product delivery within the allocated time. We undergo some serious work to give life to your app so be patient and hopeful because at the end of each sprint you’ll get to test our work. We focus on minimal correction in QA so we seek your fullest support when engaging in testing after each sprint. Our strategy is to take corrective actions as soon as possible and to leave a lot of space for innovation.

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Quality Assurance

When your app is ready we won’t just jump into the deployment without assuring its quality. Our developers conduct intensive code reviews to ensure the quality of the code constructions. As we practice agile, even during the development phase, we follow through  an iterative testing process to reduce errors and retain high quality. Our QA team is persistent in delivering bug-free products, and executing testing in different environments specially including the user’s point of view. We make sure nothing goes unnoticed before the launch.



We’re ready to go live once we successfully complete the quality assurance phase. The deployment will not happen overnight. It requires proper planning and we make sure to keep you updated on the timelines. We have a handful of knowledge and skills in releasing applications in the server platforms and the app stores. Don’t worry about a thing! We take care of it just like the rest we did. Now your app is up and running – just enjoy!!!

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Support & maintenance

Don’t get surprised! We won’t just be done by launching. We value long-lasting customer relationships that go beyond just delivering the products. Being a customer-centric software development company we continue to support and maintain your app including adding new features and fixing bugs. Count on us even after the delivery, we’ll not let you alone!

Standards & compliance

ISO 9001/27001

Archnix has been ISO 9001-2015ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for more than 1 year.
Our ISO 9001 focuses our quality design process on your users and stakeholders.
Our ISO 27001 ensures we’re secure and GDPR-compliant.

Let’s work together

Let’s Create the Next Big Thing Together.

Our global workforce can meet your user experience,
service design, technology, and digital optimisation needs.
We work as an integrated extension of your team
– whether that’s in person or remote.