We’re not just about creating software; we’re about crafting digital experiences that generate lasting impacts. So does our development process, is not just about lines of codes; it’s about people, ideas, and teamwork. We believe that the most transformative solutions are born from collective insights and shared vision. So here’s an exclusive glimpse into the methodologies and practices that drive our software solutions from concept to reality.

We Accelerate Innovation through Agile Revolution

This is where we initially meet up online or physically and sit together to discuss your business and its needs and challenges. Then we brainstorm ideas to see what you want, what you would fit in, or what can solve your problem. This may sound pretty serious as you know how serious your problem is but believe us this is very much a casual, friendly, and creative discussion with quite some fun! When you’re completely happy with the ideation, we’ll move on to creating a fresh concept for you. We are clearly going to address your business, its expectations or existing issues, and the solutions or the creative business ideas that we came up with and agreed upon together to proceed to remedy or improve your business and ultimately what you’re going to achieve through it. After all, the strategy – How we are going to achieve the expected results as a trustworthy software solution partner. You’ll get to see our action plan, timeline, and each milestone of the project till the launch.

Behind every pixel-perfect design lies a team of exceptional UI/UX designers at Archnix. Our dedicated creatives blend artistry and user-centered thinking, to determine the unique “look and feel” of your brand’s identity. Through an iterative design process, we collaborate closely with you to understand your goals, target audience, and desired user experience. we transform ideas into captivating digital experiences With the latest design trends and best practices. 

This is where the real work begins. Now, your concept will be turned into a tangible form of product, But remember this is just the beginning – Not the final output. Under the prototyping phase, we create a sample model of your product from paper to digital which simulates the final product to you and manipulates the development process. In this stage, you are completely free to make any changes. But with us being a flexible software company, we’re ready to listen to your changes at any point. As we practice Agile, we continue to prototype from here onwards in each and every stage of the project, and in all the “requirement” changes. 

Here we begin the coding. Depending on your project requirement, we’ll be picking up on effective tools and frameworks to proceed with the development to ensure quality product delivery within the allocated time. We undergo some serious work to give life to your app so be patient and hopeful because, at the end of each sprint, you’ll get to test our work. We focus on minimal correction in QA so we seek your fullest support when engaging in testing after each sprint. Our strategy is to take corrective actions as soon as possible and to leave a lot of space for innovation. 

When your app is ready we won’t just jump into the deployment without assuring its quality. Our developers conduct intensive code reviews to ensure the quality of the code constructions. As we practice agile, even during the development phase, we follow through an iterative testing process to reduce errors and retain high quality. Our QA team is persistent in delivering bug-free products and executing testing in different environments, especially including the user’s point of view. We make sure nothing goes unnoticed before the launch. 

We’re ready to go live once we successfully complete the quality assurance phase. The deployment will not happen overnight. It requires proper planning and we make sure to keep you updated on the timelines. We have plenty of knowledge and skills in releasing applications in the server platforms and the app stores. Don’t worry about a thing! We take care of it just like the rest we did. Now your app is up and running – just enjoy!!!

We value long-lasting customer relationships that go beyond just delivering the products. Being a customer-centric software development company we continue to support and maintain your app including adding new features and fixing bugs. Count on us even after the delivery, we’ll not leave you alone!

Now your app has life and it breathes in and out. But without continuous improvements, it may not live that long. No worries! You are in good hands. We promise that we’ll never let your app die. So we always keep up with system upgrades and security updates to make sure it is safe. Creating an app is never “one-time” work. Once it is created it needs to evolve. That is why we’re keen on adding new features and functionalities depending on tech trends, changes in the market, and clients.