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Archnix is a leading digital solution provider catering to a wide range of business needs in the global market. Whether you are a multinational company or an entrepreneur working on your own, our flexible team at Archnix is capable of addressing your unique challenges. We are an intermediary connecting your business with every single part that brings value to you.

We have repeatedly refined our processes over the years so that they consistently run like clockwork, and have stayed ahead of the curve with the latest innovations to make sure that we continually push the boundaries of technical possibility.

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About us

Why Archnix?

Our core values being a customer-centric and a passionate team, we always thrive to innovatively serve the global market with our unique, top-quality web development services, turning your IT concept into a valuable business product.

We are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified and we ensure that our information security management system is up to date and managed with thorough inspection while we are maintaining our quality control on top.

Archnix is a well-experienced and well-recognized organization with customers across the globe.


Leading from the front

Archnix is led by passionate leaders who are driven by the passion to build a great company
that will surprise its clients with flawless service.

Kinthusan Thevakumar


Kinthusan is our CEO who has been passionated on providing IT solutions to higher business networks in order to make them function on their daily routine without discrepancies.

His proficiency lies in managing diverse areas of work, having detained superior roles concerning IT solutions strategies and development of services, and encounter together workforce and client requirements; further affluence the technological stress which is your business threats.

Mission & Vision

Where we are now & where we intend to go

We have come a long way helping startups and enterprises with digital transformation.
Our journey is not yet over though, and continued growth will be centered on innovative digital solutions.
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To become the world’s leading tech service provider, inspiring global innovation and providing an exceptional user experience worldwide.


Empower and cater to a wide range of global technological needs with maximal sustainability, conversing any manual concept to automated world-class products and services.
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We deliberately work towards achieving our clients’ business goals supporting them with innovative and unique solutions. Our timely deliverance, easy access, and affordability are the core values towards customers.
Our Core Value

Our success is reinforced by what we practice

Archnix is made up of people; people who put passion into everything they do. We are the dreamers and the doers. And everything our people do is molded around a set of values:

Our Core Values


Every single step that we take is focused to achieve our mission at heart.

Our Core Values


Streamlined work process to meet the results beyond customer expectations in a timely manner.

Our Core Values


We understand and respect the need for transparency for a long-lasting customer relationship. That is why we make sure to be fully transparent to our clients throughout their journey with us.

Our Core Values


You are never given excuses, rather we prove it! In simple terms, we hold accountable for what we say and what we do.

Our Core Values


Work well with and through the teams and the clients to resolve complexities and reach the ultimate customer satisfaction.

How we Build Your Product

Our Tech Stack

Meet the Team

They turn your idea into a reality

We have professionals from all backgrounds and experience levels. Our diverse team helps bring to the table a unique value that helps us drive innovation. When we say we are a team that does it all, we mean it. Give us a shot and you will know what we mean.

Our history

Tell tales about how we started and how we grew

Our start was very simple and modest.
The only secret of our journey is to take small but persistent steps forward. 
Our Journey has been incredible and we thrive to provide seamless digital transformation solutions for startups and enterprise.



Pandemic was never a reason to step back, that’s when we kept our first step.
Our CEO, Kinthusan Thevakumar brought Archnix into life with just 5 members together in two different locations. His connection to his roots in Sri Lanka while living in UK opened doors for him to take the opportunity of global business. Archnix started its business at the same time in both countries.



We initially started the business with one client but over a short period of time as we grew more clients globally, we decided to rebrand Archnix with a wider vision and a bigger mission. The rebranding process was indeed a joy and an unforgettable experience as it included all the teams and every individual which helped us to strengthen our purpose.



This is truly a remarkable year! We moved into an innovative free workspace in Colombo where we made our new brand tangible with the perfect touch of it. We expanded our teams to cope with the rising demands and our future plans. We were recognized with ISO 27001 & 9001 certifications. Initiating our public relations projects was a big hit for the year!

Standards & compliance

ISO 9001/27001

Archnix’s accountability takes your information security serious.
So we hold fast to the standards of ISO 9001-2015ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Our ISO 9001 focuses our quality design process on your users and stakeholders.
Our ISO 27001 ensures we’re secure and GDPR-compliant.

Let’s work together

Let’s Create the Next Big Thing Together.

Our global workforce can meet your user experience,
service design, technology, and digital optimisation needs.
We work as an integrated extension of your team
– whether that’s in person or remote.